• Who Are You?

    Dig in with me to unearth:

    your best qualities & self confidence

    your organization's mission

    your opportunities to collaborate


    Part of the new normal: Zoom/Video Conferencing - How to let the real YOU come through!
    You bring a LOT of value to your clients and customers. Let's work together to make sure that what people love about working with you comes through that video call! Boost your confidence and learn a few simple strategies to communicate who you are and your company's brand through the lens.

    An affordable, fun, productive 2 session workshop for individuals, or 3 session workshop for teams.

    Contact me at angie.pohlman@gmail.com for a quote or to schedule your workshop.


  • Who Am I?

    I help people discover the qualities others already value in them. Embracing those qualities gives my clients a strong base to develop a personal brand, have confidence in relationship building, and develop openness for seeing new opportunities for collaboration.

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    Like many of you, my professional life has not followed a straight line. There are, however, a few through-lines that have transcended every stage of my career. I learned that understanding yourself & your mission, collaborating, communicating, a healthy sense of humor, and creativity in thought and deed were worth exploring, and led to new ways to achieve goals with confidence.


    My professional life has included theater, leading a six-city chamber of commerce, working with non-profits, mentoring and coaching business owners, and helping civic organizations.


    Like you, I've had a lot of labels and titles applied to me. You can make a list of your own...executive, artist, director, parent, sibling...but that is not what people value about you, your business or your organization. I'll help you dig in to discover what they DO value.


  • How We'll Dig In

    Coaching, Workshops, Facilitation & Online Courses

    Coaching and Workshops

    Discover who you really are!

    You are not what you do, you are NOT your label or title. So often we waste time trying to live up to what we THINK people expect of us, and forget to appreciate what we really bring to the table. We focus on our failings. STOP IT! People value knowing and working with you!


    It takes a little digging, but you can discover what's been buried underneath the layers of work and life...and develop the self confidence to communicate better, build relationships, find ways to collaborate OR...determine a new path for your career. Transitions and transformations happen when you have clarity on who you are.


    Whether you know it or not, you do have a personal mission and a personal brand. I take people through a simple process to help them bring it all to light, in groups or individually.

    Meeting & Retreat Facilitation

    Why your "why" matters!

    Whether you have a new organization, one that needs to manage change, or a group of people or organizations that want to collaborate, getting clarity on your "why" is a must! I help organizations discover or redefine their goals, missions and vision statements, and help them create effective strategies and tactics to achieve them.


    Additionally, when your team, board members or employees understand their own value as well as the value others bring to the table, they communicate more effectively, own their part in achieving goals, ignite passion for the mission, and feel appreciated doing it. Ensuring that everyone at the table has the opportunity to be heard and valued is an equally vital key to empowering your team.

  • What People Are Saying

    A few words from my peers, which I share with gratitude for having worked with them.

    Amber Chapman

    AJC Copywriting & Editing

    I recently asked Angie if she would work with me on the beginnings of a project that require some self-growth and skill building in areas that have been troublesome for me since high school.
    Angie took off running...but in a gentle, honest, caring way. She asked the right questions and then gave me exercises to help strengthen some skills that are critical to accomplishing my goals.
    In a short time, Angie not only helped me focus on what I needed to do but also built my confidence in which to do it.
    Angie's perspective and suggestions were very valuable. I can't wait to work with her again!

    Terry Killeen


    How do you keep a diverse group of business owners, public officials and Type A’s on task? Ask Angie to run the show! I was totally amazed how she was able to generate ideas collaboratively all while maintaining a level of direction, professionalism and fun which kept everyone engaged and wanting to contribute. Angie can help you be successful by bringing her energy and inventiveness anywhere! We have all been truly inspired by her ability to make things happen

    Diane Helbig

    Seize This Day
    Business Growth Advisors

    Angie is one of my favorite business people. She has a tremendously creative mind and loves to collaborate with others to create something awesome.
    Her attention to the things that matter makes every project she coordinates impactful and valuable.
    Angie is a great connector. She has a gift for getting to know people, making them feel valued, and connecting them to resources or opportunities.
    I love working with Angie, no matter what the project.

    Steve Petti

    New Image Media / President, Warrensville Area Chamber of Commerce

    One great thing about Angie, that I take advantage of often, is that she is always willing to listen. She is one among the people in my life that I can always go to for advice and run new ideas by - with total trust. For over 10 years I've valued every opportunity I’ve had to work with her.

    Michael Love

    Economic Development Director, City of South Euclid

    Angie excels at bringing groups of people together and then facilitating meetings which result in real productive outcomes. Whether it be an introduction to a new business owner or meetings with my colleagues from other communities, Angie has a unique skill of getting people together around the same table and then ensuring we leave that table with action steps in hand. This is what makes it so great working with her.

  • Go Deep With Your Clients

    Enjoy this video! Thanks to New Image Media for inviting me to be a part of their Grow Your Business Series.

  • The Blog

    Thoughts about life and work experiences...and lessons learned.

    We are living in a time where bullying and bigotry, in all its many forms, are being both amplified and applauded by other bullies to an alarming degree. It has emboldened bullies in all of our lives, mine included.   It’s Not OK.   If you have ever defended someone or excused their bad behavior...
    I learned to make spaghetti sauce from my grandmother. Every Sunday we gathered at her house for a sumptuous meal. And like all great cooks, her recipe contained ingredients, preparation and a plan to put them all together to create something delicious. She even taught me to remember the...
    Are you dealing with some difficult people? We all do! We tell stories about them with our friends, we exaggerate their short comings or faults, maybe even turn the stories into a recurring comedy routine that friends look forward to! And all the while, we are focusing on behaviors that we DON'T...
  • Current Collaborations

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    Business Opportunity Network

    It's like business therapy!

    Each month we focus on a pre-selected topic as well as discuss challenges, questions, and issues presented by group members. Enjoy peer discussions, support and accountability, and referral sharing to help you grow your business. Consider visiting to see if it makes sense for you and your business.

    Learn more here!